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State Telehealth Policies — Update

By extending the Federal public health emergency declaration January 7, enhanced telehealth for Medicare beneficiaries will remain in effect until at least April 2021. As state legislatures begin their sessions, there are several high-profile initiatives to address...

AACU State Advocacy Network: Certificate of Need Programs

During the COVID-19 public health emergency, many states suspended certificate of need requirements for certain healthcare facilities. As legislative sessions kick-off across the country, lawmakers are proposing to alter or eliminate those regulatory reviews...

Congressional Committees Finalized, AACU Advocacy Ramps Up

With impeachment in the rear window and lawmakers in both the House and Senate receiving their committee assignments, policymaking in the 117th Congress is set to get underway. In the House of Representatives, the Democratic Party remains in the majority with no...

Prostate Cancer Screening and Genomic Testing Legislation

AL SJR 23 — APPROVED National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, September, recognized AL SJR 37 Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, September 2021, proclaimed CA AB 1520 Prostate cancer screening. This bill would prohibit a health insurance policy from applying a...

In Brief – Spring 2021

AACU Releases Legislative Priorities for the 117th CongressThe AACU Health Policy Committee finalized its advocacy priorities for the 117th Congress (2021-2022), which include long-standing, unmet... Read More

President’s Message: Health Is A Part of Our Lives

By Elliott R. Lieberman, MD AACU PresidentThe human toll of COVID-19 in the U.S. is by far the highest reported in the world, accounting for 20 percent of the nearly 2.5 million deaths globally... Read More

AACU Applauds Effort to Study PBM “Rebate Walls”

In correspondence dated March 25, 2021, the AACU joined more than a dozen patient and provider groups in thanking Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) for requesting a GAO report that will investigate the... Read More

AACU Supports Physician Mental Health Legislation

In correspondence dated March 25, 2021, the AACU joined a coalition to thank the sponsors of legislation that would enhance federal resources to help reduce and prevent suicide, burnout, and other... Read More