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Advocacy Priorities

AACU Supports Virginia Prostate Cancer Screening Coverage Legislation

In January 27, 2022, correspondence with the Virginia House of Delegates, the AACU and several coalition partners.

AACU Elects Dynamic, Diverse Leadership Team

Albuquerque urologist Damara Kaplan, PhD, MD, assumed the Presidency of the American Association of Clinical Urologists Board of Directors.

AACU Pushes for Arbitration in “Surprise Billing” Legislation

The AACU sent a letter to the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Tuesday urging the committee to incorporate provisions.

Meet with Your Legislator This August

For the next five weeks, members of Congress will be in their home districts for their annual “district work period”, which is our opportunity .

AACU Conveys Concern with Federal Surprise Billing Rule that Contradicts Congressional Intent

In November 17, 2021, correspondence with several cabinet level agencies, the AACU joined more than 100 state medical associations and national medical specialty societies in urging reconsideration of the regulations implementing the No Surprises Act (NSA) that direct...

Vets Affairs Responds to Scope of Practice Concerns

On July 29, 2021, the AACU and 102 state and specialty societies sent a letter to the Secretary of the Veterans Affairs regarding the VA's plan to establish new national standards of practice, which would override current state practice and licensure laws and allow...

AACU Urges CMS to Put an End to Coercive, Fee-Based EFT Programs

The AACU joined the AMA and 28 other medical and specialty societies to express strong concerns over unfair business practices with respect to electronic payments in health care. The October 14, 2021, correspondence reads, in part: We request that the Biden...

AACU Coalition Urges New York Governor to Sign Non-Medical Switching Bill

The AACU collaborated with fellow physician groups and patient advocacy organizations on an October 13, 2021, letter to N.Y. Governor Kathy Hochul that reads, in part: Prohibiting mid-year formulary changes introduces a measure of fairness...New Yorkers deserve to...

AACU Coalition Committed to Physician-Led, Patient-Centered Care in Michigan

The AACU is pleased to announce that we’ve joined a new coalition—Michigan for Advancing Collaborative Care Teams (MiACCT) that solely focused on preserving and strengthening the health care teams we all rely on for our care. And we believe it’s a coalition that...

Medicare Pay Cuts Loom as Congress Contrarily Considers New Benefits

As lawmakers debate a "human infrastructure" package and whether to expand Medicare to include dental, vision, and hearing benefits, vitally important and timely work has been undertaken.. Read More

The AACU is dedicated to developing and advancing health policy education as it affects urologic practice in order to preserve and promote the professional autonomy of its members and support the highest quality of care for patients.

State Advocacy

Workforce — Scope of Practice

Allowing practitioners to perform procedures they simply aren’t trained to do can only lead to unpredictable outcomes, higher costs and greater...

Workforce — Scope of Practice

Allowing practitioners to perform procedures they simply aren’t trained to do can only lead to unpredictable outcomes, higher costs and greater fragmentation of care. A physician's years of medical education and training are vital to the health care team and optimal...

Uniform Prior Authorization for Prescriptions and Health Services

In an effort to contain health care costs, most health insurers require a physician to obtain "prior authorization" before prescribing certain medications and health services. Most medical practices contract with multiple insurance companies, each with its own...

Prostate Cancer Awareness & Assessment

Prostate cancer is the second most common cause of cancer deaths in men, and about one man in six will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime. Fortunately, the early detection of prostate cancer through appropriate testing has been shown to dramatically...

Medical Liability Reform — Expert Witness Qualifications

Whenever a physician’s conduct is being called into question, it is only fair that the physician, as a professional, be judged by an expert sharing the same background, training and experience. In medical liability cases, this means that only an expert practicing in...

Fair Contracting and Medical Practice Freedom

As professionals, physicians should expect to be treated openly and fairly by those with whom they transact business. This includes being given sufficient notice of any changes an insurer seeks to make to its provider contracts, the opportunity to either accept or...