Compensation Study

Do You Know Your Professional Value?

High quality, accessible, and specialty-specific physician productivity and compensation data are fundamental to assessments of our professional value and worth. Unfortunately, currently available data are often based on low sample sizes, biased collection methods, likely are not specialty-specific, and fail to account for the myriad of ways physicians deliver value.

We need better information.

AACU members now have exclusive free and unlimited access to Phairify’s online Physician Value Exchange! Members can access data that allows for meaningful and informed compensation discussions driven by data that is accessible, accurate and relevant to the shape of your current practice. It’s time to move on from compensation data not relevant to you or to the services you are being hired to provide. Phairify gives physicians free access to high quality, timely, and sub-specialty specific compensation and productivity data which you can use to confidently define your value across different markets.

You should have received an email invitation to join Phairfy. Once you activate your account you are invited to take an anonymous, 10-minute specialty-specific study capturing information about your work practice, productivity and compensation. After study submission, you will have unlimited access to aggregated PVE market intelligence to benchmark your professional value.

To access your free account, click “Register” at