2022 – 2023 OFFICERS


William C. Reha, MD, MBA


State Advocacy Network Chair

Harbhajan Singh Ajrawat, MD


Lorie Fleck, MD

Immediate Past President

Damara L. Kaplan, PhD, MD

Health Policy Chair

Terrence Christopher Regan, MD

Section Representatives

Mid-Atlantic Section Representative

Jennifer Ulanda Miles-Thomas, MD

New England Section Representative

Brian H. Irwin, MD

New York Section Representative

Amanda C. North, MD

North Central Section Representative

James Andrew Brown, MD

Northeastern Section Representative

Mark D. White, MD, FACS

South Central Section Representative

James H. Gilbaugh, III, MD, FACS

Southeastern Section Representative

Kevin K. Lee, MD, FACS

Western Section Representative

Edward S. Cohen, MD, FACS

Board of Directors

Young Urologist Committee Chair

Robert Lurvey, MD, JD

Employed Urologist Committee Chair

Charles Mark Jackson, MD

Representatives to Affiliated Organizations

AMA Delegate

Martin K. Dineen, MD, FACS

AMA Alternate Delegate

Robert Lurvey, MD, JD