Advocacy Priorities

Ensure the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule is fair for urologists and includes a reasonable, and accurate Medicare Economic Index tied to inflation.

Provide certainty for telehealth services by making telehealth waivers permanent and ensuring payment parity.

Promote greater efficiency and transparency in the prior authorization process and reduce physician burden.

Support early and accurate prostate cancer detection and research-led prevention strategies.

Latest AACU News

AACU Government Relations Report

Congressional Legislation of Interest SPARC Act:  If enacted this bill would be great for urology to encourage patient access and grow the profession...... Click here to read more. Prostate-Specific Antigen Screening for High-risk Insured Men Act or the PSA Screening...

AACU Opposes HR 2713, the I CAN Act.

The AACU strongly opposes HR 2713, the “Improving Care and Access to Nurses Act,” or the “I CAN Act.” This legislation would endanger the quality of care that Medicare and Medicaid patients receive by expanding the scope of practice for non-physician practitioners...

Scope of Practice – Pharmacists Test/Treat UTI Legislative Updates

Read about our efforts to oppose this legislation. OK – SB 931Passed the Senate – waiting for a hearing in the House Public Health Committee NM – SB 92Signed into law by the governor MS - HB 1317Tabled for the session  CT HB 6398Referred to the Public Health Committee...