Host a Facility Visit

There is no substitute for the powerful message you send when you invite your elected and appointed officials to your practice to see firsthand the quality of care that you provide and the satisfaction of your patients.

Elected officials spend a great deal of time in the districts they represent. Site visits are, quite simply, the single best way to help elected officials and their staff understand the connections between DC policy issues and what’s happening in their district. Site visits to your hospital and/or medical clinic provide mutual benefit and generate real learning.

Site visits don’t have to be an arduous undertaking, especially with the AACU standing ready to help! In fact, there are just five steps to putting together a successful event:

E-mail the AACU Executive Office to let us know that you are willing to conduct a hospital and/or clinic visit. We are eager to help in any way–from brainstorming ideas to drafting materials to helping you work with congressional offices.

Develop a plan. What would you like to show the elected official and/or staff person? Who should attend? What issues are important to your facility’s ability to provide service to your community?

Issue the invitation. Provide the details of your proposed visit in a short letter of invitation (sample linked below) that you can fax or e-mail to the district office. Follow-up with a phone call, and get the planning process underway!

Conduct the visit: once everything’s arranged, conducting the visit is almost the easiest part. You’ll need to remain somewhat flexible, however, in case of unforeseen scheduling conflicts or other problems.

Follow-up: Let the AACU know how the visit went and whether the elected official and/or staff person raised any questions that need a response. We also can assist with additional follow-up ideas to help build a lasting relationship with the office.

Your participation in this effort could make all the difference in both our short-term goal to make the issues facing urologists real to legislators and our long-term goals to establish and cultivate relationships with legislators and increase support for urologists in Congress. Please consider putting together a brief visit–and let us help!

Additional Resources

Tips for an Effective Facility Tour (PDF)

Sample Letter: Facility Tour Invite (DOC)