Pictured is the AUA/AMA Joint Delegation

The AACU delegation includes Martin K. Dineen, MD, FACS (AMA Delegate), Robert Lurvey, MD, JD (AMA Alternate Delegate) and William C. Reha, MD, MBA, AMA Alternate Delegate – Specialty Society President.

At the 2022 Interim Meeting of the AMA House of Delegates in November 2022, the AACU delegation successfully introduced and passed a resolution prioritizing advocacy for physician reimbursement for Interpreter services. The resolution encourages advocacy both on the national and state level that ensures adequate compensation for physicians who provide interpreter services for patients with limited English proficiency. This could include legislative or regulatory changes to federal health care programs such as Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans, Tricare, Veterans Administration, etc., for payment for interpreter services. The resolution also advocated for AMA to develop model state legislation for physician reimbursement for services for commercial health plans, worker compensation plans, Medicaid, Medicaid managed care plans, etc., for payment for interpreter services.