Awards & Lectures

AACU Distinguished Leadership Award The AACU Distinguished Leadership Award recognizes elected officials and executive-level appointees who support the organization’s priorities and the interests of the urologic community before state government.


    Gregory F. Murphy, MD, FACS (2017)

    The Honorable Gregory F. Murphy, MD, FACS, was appointed to the North Carolina House of Representatives in October 2015 and secured the seat himself in the next election... read more

    John O'Bannon, MD (2016)

    Dr. John O'Bannon is a neurologist in Richmond, VA. He represents a portion of western Henrico County in the Virginia House of Delegates.John O'Bannon, MD, is a... read more

    Ted Lieu (2015)

    The AACU is pleased to announce that U.S. Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) will accept the organization's Distinguished Leadership Award at a ceremony held in conjunction... read more

    Prasad Srinivasan, MD (2014)

    Dr. Prasad Srinivasan is a long time resident of Glastonbury, Conn. He has been practicing in Glastonbury and the Hartford area for over 30 years. He treats pediatric and... read more

    Alan Bates, DO (2013)

    Dr. Alan Bates is an Oregon State Senator from Jackson County (District 3) serving Medford, Talent, Phoenix, Jacksonville, Applegate, Ruch and Ashland. He was first elected... read more

    Herb Conaway, MD (2012)

    The Honorable Herbert C. "Herb" Conaway, Jr., MD (Delanco, NJ) was first elected to the New Jersey General Assembly on November 4, 1997. Dr. Conaway received his... read more

    Randi Becker (2011)

    Washington State Senator Randi Becker is a medical practice administrator who believes that listening, timely action and the wisdom to know which to use at the right time... read more

Russell B. Carson Memorial Lecture This lecture memorializes AACU founding member Russell B. Carson and is presented at the Washington Update.

Russell B. Carson is one of the co-founders of the American Association of Clinical Urologists. Dr. Carson had been active in national Blue Shield affairs during the Fifties and Sixties, and was among those physicians at that time who were displeased about the implications of political incursions into medical practice.

In 1968 at the AUA Meeting in Miami, Carson along with Charles Hoffman invited the AUA Section Presidents and some others who had similar concerns to a breakfast gathering for the purpose of creating an organization whose mission was to provide information about issues affecting socioeconomic and political spheres of our profession, and to influence directly the resolutions of those issues by providing one-on-one communication between urologist and legislator in order to assist in the development of suitable legislation in the best interests of private clinical patient care. The socio-economic and political purpose always was to complement the AUA, not to compete with it. From this meeting, the AACU was born.

Russell Carson had the foresight to know that medicine must be part of the discussion when it comes to policy issues.

Russell Carson, First Urologist In Broward (Orlando Sun-Sentinel, July 17, 2005)


  • 2017 Congressman Neal Dunn, MD
  • 2016 Senator Bill Cassidy, MD
  • 2015 Senator Shelly Moore Capito
  • 2014 Congressman Andy Harris, MD
  • 2013 Congressman Phil Roe, MD
  • 2012 Congressman Tom Price, MD
  • 2011 Congressman Michael C. Burgess, MD
  • 2010 Congressman Charles W. Boustany Jr., MD
  • 2009 No lecture given
  • 2008 Kerry Weems; Acting Administrator, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
  • 2007 William G. Plested III, MD; President, American Medical Association
  • 2006 John Tooker, MD; Executive Vice President and CEO, American College of Physicians
  • 2005 Donald J. Palmisano, MD; Immediate-past President, American Medical Association
  • 2004 Robert Laszewski; President, Health Policy and Strategy Associates
  • 2003 Elliot E. Maynard; Justice, West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals
  • 2002 Noble P. Kheder; Kheder & Associates; Former Director, Michigan Department of Social Services

Charles A. Hoffman Memorial Lecture This lecture memorializes AACU founding member Charles A. Hoffman and may be presented at the Urology Health Policy Forum (held in conjunction with the AUA Annual Meeting) or the AACU State Society Network Advocacy Conference.

Charles A. Hoffman, MD.Charles A. Hoffman was born in Ironton, Ohio, in 1904. It was while he was working at a drugstore that he decided to enter medicine, enrolling first in the School of Pharmacy at Ohio State. He received his degree in pharmacy and began a brief career as a pharmacist in drugstores in Ironton and in Huntington, West Virginia.

Hoffman became associated with three other urologists in practice at Huntington, West Virginia, where he dedicated the rest of his career to his profession and his community.

Almost immediately, he began taking an active part in organized medicine. He served in a number of important positions in the American Medical Association, including delegate, secretary/treasurer and secretary of the Board of Trustees. In 1972 he was elected its 127th President.

In addition to co-founding the American Association of Clinical Urologists in 1968, Dr. Hoffman served as President of the organization and is a past President of the American Urological Association.


  • 2016 Ronald Loo, MD; Physician Director, Performance Improvement and Innovation, Kaiser Permanente Downey Medical Center
  • 2015 Representative John Fleming, Jr., MD (LA-4)
  • 2014 Author Steven Brill canceled appearance
  • 2013 The Honorable Sandy Praeger, Commissioner, Kansas Department of Insurance
  • 2012 The Honorable Glenn Coffee; Oklahoma Secretary of State; Former President Pro Tem, Oklahoma State Senate
  • 2011 Mark E. Miller, Ph.D.; Executive Director, Medicare Payment Advisory Commission
  • 2010 Charles W. Sorenson, MD; President and CEO, Intermountain Healthcare
  • 2009 Cyril M. Hetsko, MD
  • 2008 David Gratzer, MD, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute
  • 2007 Marilyn Moon, PhD; Vice President, American Institutes for Research
  • 2006 Jack Lewin, MD; CEO, California Medical Association
  • 2005 Allan Korn, MD, FACP; Vice President, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association
  • 2004 G.K. Mangelson
  • 2003 The Honorable Richard Lamm, Former Governor of Colorado (1975-1987); Co-Director, University of Denver Institute for Public Policy Studies
  • 2002 Michael J. Naslund, MD
Legislative Priorities
  • Proper Implementation of MACRA

    Urologists support the goals of Medicare payment reform, but Congress must monitor its implementation to ensure that the intent of MACRA is fully realized and preserved.BackgroundIn April 2015, Congress passed, and the president signed into law, the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (P...

  • Repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board

    Urologists urge Congress to repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB). We urge Representatives to cosponsor H.R. 849. We urge Senators to cosponsor S. 251 and S. 260. Each of these measures would permanently repeal the IPAB.Take ActionSend an email to Congress, requesting support for H...

  • Support Transparency and Accountability for USPSTF

    Urologists urge Congress to support legislation that promotes greater transparency and accountability from the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF).  We urge representatives to cosponsor H.R. 539, the “USPSTF Transparency and Accountability Act of 2017”.Take ActionSend...

State Advocacy
  • Fair Contracting and Medical Practice Freedom

    Where We Stand Ensure openness and fairness in health care provider contacts. Prevent third-party payors from changing the terms of their provider contract without notice to the provider and without the consent of the provider. Ensure that physician licensure is based upon a physician's...

  • Medical Liability Reform — Expert Witness Qualifications

    Strengthen expert witness standards Ensure that expert witness is from the same specialty as the defendant physician Prevent frivolous lawsuits Improve the practice environment for physicians in your stateWhenever a physician’s conduct is being called into question, it is only fair...

  • Prostate Cancer Awareness & Assessment

    Where We Stand Continue the progress that has been made in the reduction of prostate cancer morbidity and mortality with the appropriate use of prostate cancer testing. Ensure that third-party payors provide for the reimbursement of prostate cancer testing when the patient and his physician...

  • Uniform Prior Authorization for Prescriptions and Health Services

    Where We Stand Prior authorizations cost the health system $728 million in 2012. Prior authorization requests must use a single form, no more than two pages in length. Forms must available for both access and submission electronically. Requests are deemed approved if no response is...

  • Work Force — Scope of Practice

    Where We Stand Allow the maximum patient-to-physician ratio to increase based on the number of physician assistants in a practice. Expand the ability of nurse practitioners and physician assistants to supervise medical assistants when doctors aren’t on the premises.Proactive Physician...

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