Best Practices: A Framework for Determining Advocacy Capacity

2014-09-10 | , The California Endowment

In this paper, TCC Group outlines a model for evaluating organizational capacity for advocacy organizations and describes in detail the capacities that are critical to advocacy and how they interrelate to each other. We believe that this analysis and framework can be useful to any kind of organization interested in increasing its effectiveness related to advocacy—regardless of whether it is dedicated to advocacy or not, has a big budget or small, or works on many issues or just one.

We also hope this paper will be of benefit to foundations who want to expand and improve their grantmaking to advocacy organizations, but felt limited by their ability to understand how to assess potential grantees or their capacity to carry out the proposed activities.

What Makes an Effective Advocacy Organization? A Framework for Determining Advocacy CapacityThe California Endowment (TCC Group); Jan. 2009