UROPAC Chair explains 'in-state' giving strategy

2017-03-09 | AACU Executive Office

In a Joint Advocacy Conference update to the urologic community, UROPAC Chair Jeffrey Frankel, MD (Mercer Island, WA), described the leading political action committee for members of the AUA and AACU as "Urology's Advocate on Capitol Hill". UROPAC, according to Dr. Frankel, works on behalf of the urologic community to be heard in Congress by supporting political candidates who believe in preserving the doctor-patient relationship.

Dr. Frankel continued, "As physicians, we are part of the community outside of politics that holds real power in changing health care policies that affect our patients and practices."

Contributors Delivering Contributions

Further demonstrating the physician-led nature of the AACU and UROPAC, Dr. Frankel explained the PAC's renewed commitment to have urologists deliver checks to candidates at local events, when politicians are free from DC's many distractions.  

UROPAC staff stand ready, Dr. Frankel said, to help urologists schedule office visits, brief meetings over coffee, and even local fundraisers – Whatever the particular physician may be most comfortable with.

UROPAC-Supported Candidates Overwhelmingly Successful