Russell B. Carson Memorial Lecture

2017-03-09 |

This lecture memorializes AACU founding member Russell B. Carson and is presented at the Washington Update.

2017    Congressman Neal Dunn, MD
2016    Senator Bill Cassidy, MD
2015    Senator Shelly Moore Capito
2014    Congressman Andy Harris, MD
2013    Congressman Phil Roe, MD
2012    Congressman Tom Price, MD
2011    Congressman Michael C. Burgess, MD
2010    Congressman Charles W. Boustany Jr., MD
2008    Kerry Weems; Acting Administrator, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
2007    William G. Plested III, MD; President, American Medical Association
2006    John Tooker, MD; Executive Vice President and CEO, American College of Physicians
2005    Donald J. Palmisano, MD; Immediate-past President, American Medical Association
2004    Robert Laszewski; President, Health Policy and Strategy Associates
2003    Elliot E. Maynard; Justice, West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals
2002    Noble P. Kheder; Kheder & Associates; Former Director, Michigan Department of Social Services

Russell B. Carson is one of the co-founders of the American Association of Clinical Urologists.  Dr. Carson had been active in national Blue Shield affairs during the Fifties and Sixties, and was among those physicians at that time who were displeased about the implications of political incursions into medical practice.

In 1968 at the AUA Meeting in Miami, Carson along with Charles Hoffman invited the AUA Section Presidents and some others who had similar concerns to a breakfast gathering for the purpose of creating an organization whose mission was to provide information about issues affecting socioeconomic and political spheres of our profession, and to influence directly the resolutions of those issues by providing one-on-one communication between urologist and legislator in order to assist in the development of suitable legislation in the best interests of private clinical patient care.  The socio-economic and political purpose always was to complement the AUA, not to compete with it.  From this meeting, the AACU was born.

Russell Carson had the foresight to know that medicine must be part of the discussion when it comes to policy issues. 

Russell Carson, First Urologist In Broward (Orlando Sun-Sentinel, July 17, 2005)