Charles A. Hoffman Memorial Lecture

2016-12-12 |

This lecture memorializes AACU founding member Charles A. Hoffman and may be presented at the Urology Health Policy Forum (held in conjunction with the AUA Annual Meeting) or the AACU State Society Network Advocacy Conference.

2016 – Ronald Loo, MD; Physician Director, Performance Improvement and Innovation, Kaiser Permanente Downey Medical Center
2015 – Representative John Fleming, Jr., MD (LA-4)
2014 – Author Steven Brill canceled appearance.
2013 – The Honorable Sandy Praeger, Commissioner, Kansas Department of Insurance
2012 – The Honorable Glenn Coffee; Oklahoma Secretary of State; Former President Pro Tem, Oklahoma State Senate
2011 – Mark E. Miller, Ph.D.; Executive Director, Medicare Payment Advisory Commission
2010 – Charles W. Sorenson, MD; President and CEO, Intermountain Healthcare
2009 – Cyril M. Hetsko, MD
2008 – David Gratzer, MD, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute
2007 – Marilyn Moon, PhD; Vice President, American Institutes for Research
2006 – Jack Lewin, MD; CEO, California Medical Association
2005 – Allan Korn, MD, FACP; Vice President, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association
2004 – G.K. Mangelson
2003 – The Honorable Richard Lamm, Former Governor of Colorado (1975-1987); Co-Director, University of Denver Institute for Public Policy Studies
2002 – Michael J. Naslund, MD

Charles A. Hoffman was born in Ironton, Ohio, in 1904. It was while he was working at a drugstore that he decided to enter medicine, enrolling first in the School of Pharmacy at Ohio State. He received his degree in pharmacy and began a brief career as a pharmacist in drugstores in Ironton and in Huntington, West Virginia. 

Hoffman became associated with three other urologists in practice at Huntington, West Virginia, where he dedicated the rest of his career to his profession and his community.

Almost immediately, he began taking an active part in organized medicine. He served in a number of important positions in the American Medical Association, including delegate, secretary/treasurer and secretary of the Board of Trustees. In 1972 he was elected its 127th President.

In addition to co-founding the American Association of Clinical Urologists in 1968, Dr. Hoffman served as President of the organization and is a past President of the American Urological Association.