NV: Proposal prohibits parents from authorizing gender confirmation surgery

2017-04-13 | AACU State Society Network

The legislation referenced below has a direct impact on the practice of urology in Nevada.

SB408 establishes conditions for the performance of certain surgical procedures.

  • Section 1 generally prohibits a provider from performing any surgical procedure to assign the sex of a child unless the provider has first conducted an assessment to ensure that the child understands the nature and risks of the procedure and assents to the procedure. 
  • An exception is provided if the provider of health care determines that delaying the procedure is likely to endanger the life of the child. 
  • Sections 2-4 authorize an occupational licensing board to take disciplinary action against a physician, physician assistant or nurse who violates the provisions of section 1.

The Senate Commerce, Labor and Energy heard testimony on this bill April 7, but took no action.

Bill Text/Status: SB408